My style varies from abstract to modern, from pop art, self-photography to one-eyed portraits. My work contains tons of sarcasm, and an urge to provoke the viewer and grab their attention.
In simple words, I’m the artist who doesn’t paint eyes on the left hand-side of the canvas…

Kamile Lukrecija Lukosiute is an exciting Lithuanian painter who has exhibited her work both at home and in the United States, admired by Rose McGowan, Taylor Lautner, Maisie Williams, Emma Roberts and etc. She fuses existential thoughts and ideas with street art details and pop culture influences, composing an aesthetic marked by sarcasm, imaginative plays on colour and reference to modern icons. In an intriguing melange of representational elements, scribbled text and abstract forms, her pieces ultimately seek to engage viewers in explorations of art and society.


Solo exhibitions: 

Casual exhibition / GRAFO gallery – Vilnius, Lithuania

Must Have Ma$terpieces / Monte Pacis – Kaunas, Lithuania

Insensibility doesn’t see / ALI – Kaunas, Lithuania

Group exhibitions:

i(c/r)onic life / Kedainiai multicultural centre – Kedainiai, Lithuania

Artbox Project New York / Armory Art Weeks New York – New York, United States

SeeMe x SCOPE / SCOPE Art Show – Miami, United States


GLO’ART – Lanaken, Belgium

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